The Design of You

How have you been designed—by both nature and nurture?

What are your natural gifts, talents, inclinations, values, and callings?

It’s the pursuit of things—or in ways—for which we have not been designed that causes the greatest stress and professional dissatisfaction in our careers and lives.

Design Thinking

We use DESIGN THINKING processes to help people effectively/cost effectively make and execute career decisions.

Empathize: understanding the needs of those you are designing for.
Define: frame problems as opportunities for creative solutions.
Ideate: generate a variety of possible solutions.
Prototype: communicating the core elements of solutions to others.
Test: learn what works and what doesn’t to improve solutions.


We are a design house for career-focused tools and processes.
Along with using the best-of-breed tools from various disciplines, we created several of our own including:

In greater Washington DC, Career Design proudly sponsors the Professions on Purpose Meetup group
Professions on Purpose