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My formal career advising largely grew out of this business advising applicants to MBA programs. In this early segue to career advising I focused on the category or two at the bottom of the page, or what’s sometimes termed the calling end of the job-career-calling continuum.  is where I blog on the “…unconventional wisdom on the life of work and the work of life. Three main themes will run throughout: finding and following one’s callings, the prerequisite: cultivating and communicating self knowledge, and the ultimate aim: developing meaning/purpose.”


Though not a frequent Tweeter, there too I focus on similar themes:


Questions I’ve answered on Quora, mostly on graduate education and meaningful careers/life:


Professions on Purpose (PoP) – Do Work that You is a community for career changers I recently launched in Washington DC area. Now, mostly a Meetup group, I’m exploring developing PoP into a sustainable, scalable non-profit with 501(c)(3) status.


FARMCultivate Your Self  is allegorical algorithm for personal growth, a framework to distill and explain to general audiences the research and wisdom of various fields.

CareerDesign – Know your market, know your self  Please see the home page of this site or


This hour-long presentation (including Q & A) lays out CareerDesign’s design thinking processes:

Stefan Bielski at 40 Plus DC speaks on “Know How–and If–to Bring Your Idea to Market: Effective Business, Creative, Social & Innovative Entrepreneurship” June 15th 2015